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Handmade Paper

Technically this is recycled paper because we are hand-making paper... with paper. You can shape it, paint it; make place cards, bookmarks, gift tags, or plantable shapes.

*printable cards are free for personal use


Supplies needed:


-Paper scraps (don't use the glossy junk mail)


-blender or food processor 


- screen (I used a round splatter screen from the dollar store)

-pan/ bowl large enough to fit your screen (I used a foil roasting pan also from the dollar store)

-several towels

-add-ins (dried or fresh flower petals, small leaves, crayon bits, seeds, or small fibers)

- small cookie cutters


- if you use crayons as your add-in, iron the paper between parchment when it's dry (photo: left paper has been ironed, right has not)

-the texture of your towel will transfer onto the paper, so try different options- a waffle weave would be fun!

-if you're making plantable paper, skip the pan & screen- take the pulp directly from the blender to press into cookie cutter shapes


Printable Cards

Add your seed paper shapes to these printable cards for Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation, wedding or baby shower favors, or as a simple "Thank you" for anyone!

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