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A "Bluey" Afternoon!

Bring your family's favorite show off the screen and into your afternoon activities.

Printables are free for personal use. 


Bluey Snack Mix


Here's a fun snack mix to enjoy while you watch a few episodes together! This is the perfect snack to let kids help with in the kitchen. 

- Popcorn

- Mini marshmallows

- Orange crackers (we used Baby Goldfish)

- Chocolate chips

- Blue Candy 

Add all ingredients to a zip top bag, shake it up, & pour into a bowl to enjoy!

Bluey Bingo

Not to be confused with Bluey's sister, Bingo!

Use your snack mix or mark the boxes with crayons while you watch an episode (or five!). 

Draw Bluey like Bluey!.png

Draw Bluey like Bluey!

Use this step-by-step guide to draw your favorite animated blue healer in her own drawing style. 

Click the download button below for highest quality.

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