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Fall Books & Activity Pairings
(with free printables)

Fall is my FAVORITE season and it's the perfect time (and weather) to read!


Click on book titles for shopping links. Printables are free for personal use.

Anne Shirley gives us the best example of appreciating the season! There are Anne books for every age.  (board book, picture book, & original)

With this classic story, we are making Anne's "carrot" braids into bookmarks. Color and cut out the free printable, braid orange yarn, punch a hole in the top of the bookmark and add the braids.

Experience all the fun fall activities with the main characters of this darling book. 

Create Fall mosaics for your favorite Autumn elements using dried beans, lentils, and popcorn kernels. Secure with craft glue. The base is cardboard or print the outlines shared here on card stock. The whole family will love creating their own masterpiece.


There are two sides to every story, and you'll love hearing the perspective of both "beasts" in this book.

Make a hangout spot for your own little beast with this printable 3D house or this 3D Foam Treehouse kit from Hobby Lobby.

Squirrel is surprised EVERY TIME a leaf is gone. After accusing all of his friends of stealing his leaves, one of them finally reminds him that every year this happens, and it's always the wind that takes the leaves. This book is sure to have your kids laughing. When you're finished, send them on a scavenger hunt to find their own leaves and other nature elements.


Two things could happen when a tree grows in the forest, and one can lead to a silly string of events. This cause and effect book introduces us to fun animal friends and takes us on an unlikely adventure through the woods.

Enjoy sensory play with those nature finds from the previous activity + play dough! You can use store bought, or try out this yummy pumpkin spice recipe posted below. (It takes less than 5 minutes to make!)

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