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Pop Art

Reading Party

Celebrate and encourage reading with a fun party!

Printables are free for personal use.


Station Signs

Label your reading party stations with printable signs. two design options: Bookworm (full color) and Simple (black & white).

Book Quotes

Quotes from and about books are the perfect reading party decoration!


Bookmarks to Color

Print these or simply set out strips of colorful paper for readers to personalize their own bookmarks.

Bookworm Treat Tag

Send your little bookworms home with a cute and tasty party favor. (gummy worms)


Folding Paper Books

Activity books are always a winner! These paper folding books are a great hands-on activity for a reading party!

Start to Cook Book

Making snacks for your reading party? Be sure to display the cookbook you used! This shows kids that reading can be fun and practical.


Favorite Read Aloud Books About Books

You could read any fun book, but at a reading party, why not read about reading?

Nibbles the Book Monster

Never Show a T.Rex a Book

We Are in a Book!

Ronan the Librarian

Happy Reading!

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