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Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Capture a little piece of who your kids are right now with these memorable art and craft ideas.

Printables are free for personal use.


Craft Paper Tablecloth

Grab some craft or packing paper, add a few drawing prompts, set out some crayons and markers, and your Thanksgiving guests of all ages will love adding their own masterpieces.

Prompt ideas:​
​- favorite Thanksgiving food
- draw a hand turkey
- someone that makes you smile
- favorite pie
- your happy place
- decorate your name
- draw a tiny feast
- grandma's house
- favorite memories from the year
- dream vacation
- family photo

Thankful Tree with Handprint Leaves & Acorns

Little handprints make the cutest leaves and acorns for your gratitude tree centerpiece. After the paint dries, add stems and veins to the "leaves" and little hats with cross hatching details to the acorns. Hot glue some twine to the back and make sure to add a name and what that person is thankful for this year. 

Turkey Headband.png

Turkey Hat with Handprint Feathers

There is something about a funny hat that makes a child want to pose for a photo! Add the element of their own traced hands for the feathers and it's even more fun. Use colored paper to cut out all the elements or print and color this turkey hat page to simplify the process. Either way, don't forget to trace and cut out 3 colorful handprints to use as feathers.

Fingerprint Pumpkin Garland

These pumpkins are inspired by the dotted pumpkin paintings by famous artist, Yayoi Kusama, and the dots are fingerprints! Each pumpkin needs 3 narrow strips of paper and a small piece of pipe cleaner for the stem. Attach it all with a stapler, and string it on twine for a garland. Kids will love helping decorate the space for Thanksgiving. If finger painting isn't  your thing, feel free to create designs with markers instead. 

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