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Kids Book Club

My kids have helped clean and set up for my book club so many times that they decided they wanted to have their own! So far, it's only my 3 oldest children participating, but it's been so fun to watch and I love that they are bonding over books.

Book Club Questions printable is free for personal use.


Kids Book Club Questions

These are the questions my kids (ages 9-11) used to prompt a discussion for their book club. The questions are designed to work for any book and would be great for classroom discussions as well.

First Book Discussion:
"Charlotte's Web"

This was a really fun first book club book! All 3 kids liked it and they had a lot to discuss. The whole conversation took about 45 minutes.

Just like my book club, they wanted to have themed snacks, so I made pig and spiderweb sugar cookies. Next time they'll probably be on their own to make something.

They also watched the live action "Charlotte's Web" movie so they could compare it to the book.

If you don't already own this book, I highly recommend grabbing a copy. It's such a classic.

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